High Intensity Interval Training Explained


Dr Mark Smith explains the benefits of Sprint Interval Training over that of traditional cardio
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Dr Mark Smith continues his explanation on the benefits of
Sprint Interval Training

 Benefits of HIIT

Scientitficaly proven to:-

Increase Fat Burning and Fitness Levels

Improve Healing, Muscle Tone and Energy

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Pain and Risk of Chronic Disease

Help Systemic Inflammatory Conditions

Improves Insulin Regulation and Sugar Metabolism

Reduce Impact on the Adrenal Glands

Show that Energy, Sleep and Weight Loss will Improve

Require Less Time to Perform than other, Less Effective Forms of

 Benefits of X-iser HIIT

No Impact
Sprinting w/o impact on ground
(keeping knees, ankles, hips, & back injury free)

Suspended stepping challenges & improves the vestibular system

Strength & Speed

"No recovery stepping" improves lower body strength

- Speed is not limited by the machine
- Addition of dumbbells further increases strength


Variety of exercises on 1 machine (step, bridge, shoulders, core)


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT involves periods of high intensity exercise alternated with periods of rest and takes a lot less time than steady state cardio - an HIIT session might only last 4 -5 minutes. I bet you’re wondering how such a short workout can be so much better for fat loss, compared to spending 60 minutes on an exercise bike or treadmill. Well it’s all down to a wonderful thing called “Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption” or EPOC for short. EPOC used to be called Oxygen debt and is sometimes called after-burn. When the body works beyond its ability to produce energy using Oxygen, we turn to other methods of energy production which don’t use Oxygen at all – the so-called anaerobic energy systems. The by-product of our major anaerobic energy system is Lactic Acid. You’ve felt this stuff in action many times I’m sureā€¦that burning feeling you get in your legs during the last few steps of running up a flight of stairs. Lactic acid! To clear Lactic acid from our blood the body uses the aerobic system, where oxygen, in very simplified terms “flushes away” the build up of Lactic acid.

When you are doing steady state aerobic exercise, you burn calories at an enhanced rate but as soon as you stop, your metabolism slows back down to normal pretty quickly. However, if you perform HIIT and build up a high level of Lactic acid in your blood, your Aerobic system will go into overdrive to clear the lactic acid out essentially giving you two workouts for the price of one and because HIIT uses our muscle in a very forceful way, the likelihood of any muscle catabolism ( breakdown ) is pretty much non-existent. EPOC basically means that your fat burning furnace stays burning hotter for longer and we only get EPOC in any significant amounts after exercise which causes the build up of lactic acid.

HIIT can be performed in a gym using the usual pieces of cardio equipment such as treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers but it can be unsafe or ineffective to do so. Sprinting at full tilt on a treadmill is very dangerous indeed while a Cross-trainer is too slow to really challenge your anaerobic systems, instead you may wish to run up a flight of stairs or sprint in your local park however both of these have their downsides too.The mode of exercise doesn’t matter so long as you are able to get to a very high level of workload in a short time. In its most basic form, HIIT consists of 60 seconds of flat out high intensity effort followed by a period of rest. This can be as little as 5 minutes or as long as a few hours. It doesn’t really matter how long the rest period is as long as you complete a minimum of 4 minutes of flat out max effort exercise though out the day 3 x week. If you are working hard enough, you should find 4 minutes is plenty. Remember it’s the post exercise effect of EPOC we are after, and not the energy used during that session that’s most important. My favourite type of HIIT is Sprint Interval Training (SIT) using the X-iser Machine. This excellent piece of kit is so effective at producing lactic acid in the body it’s very difficult to complete just 60 seconds in one go so I to break the 60 seconds down into 3x 20second bursts with 20 second rest between each burst. That gives me a total all out effort burst time of 60 seconds

in 1 minute 40 seconds. I then repeat that for 3 more times though out the day for a total of 4 minutes total burst time. As I said earlier it’s the quality of the effort you put into your 4 minutes not how long you rest in-between.

Try High Intensity Interval Training or Sprint Interval Training for yourself and start reaping the benefits of Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption ( EPOC ).

You will never go back to long steady rate cardio again...........



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