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If the science shows that High-Intensity Burst Training is better, then why don’t I hear about it more often?

We agree that most people are unaware of this research. However, this topic is getting more and more media coverage every day. A quick Google search on High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT will make you aware of its effectiveness and how much attention it is getting.

Daytime TV shows are also starting to cover the topic, and virtually every fitness training organization understands and now promotes this method of exercise. This is "old hat" to any exercise physiologist who studies the scientific literature. However, your question highlights just how long it can take to get the information to the general public.

There are a number of reasons for this. The most obvious is that the media does not usually use scientists scanning the scientific literature as a source for their stories. Instead, they use less-informed sources, including the fitness industry and medical doctors who have little or no training in exercise physiology.

You can read more in the article "Sports Conditioning" about why early sports science research sent scientists and media "messengers" down a misleading path that was contrary to human development and nearly all sports.

Essentially this early research took such a foothold in the fitness community that it takes time to undo. When experts first began talking about Burst Training at fitness conventions in 1995, their were some some strange looks. This is no longer the case. It is now well accepted by top conditioning coaches and trainers around the world that Burst Training or HIIT is the most effective form of training, and it will soon be common knowledge to the general population. In the meantime, we and others are doing our best so you hear about HIIT more often!


If I have bad knees can I use The X-iser Machine?

Bad knees come in a number of shapes and sizes, so it depends on the problem.

First, The X-iser Machine is used around the world for knee rehabilitation, and is endorsed by orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists for this very purpose. In many cases the X-iser will fix bad knees.

However, there will be occasions when The X-iser is not recommended. An example is a meniscal tear, which "locks" when trying to step – particularly when using the short burst form. In these cases, The X-iser Machine can be used in a backward or seated position, allowing for an improvement in functional strength of the knee while alleviating stress on the knee.

In addition, the non-weight-bearing exercises done in the Core 4 Program on The X-iser Machine can be done regardless of knee issues. So The X-iser Machine can provide a way to burn calories and strengthen muscles for those with bad knees struggling to find an effective mode of exercise.


How can I lose weight exercising a just a few minutes a day?

This is a great question.

Mainstream has not caught up to the latest research on fat burning and exercise. When scientists compared traditional cardio (30-60 minutes aerobic exercise) to sprint training (20-60 second sprints) they found sprint training can burn the same calories in 1/15th of the time.

New studies also revealed that hormones play an important role in weight loss as well. Traditional cardio produces a lot of stress hormones (cortisol) that make your body store fat, while sprint training stimulates growth hormone, the elixir of youth, which helps build bones and muscle while burning fat.

Another interesting note from the research is what happens to energy burning after exercise. When you do traditional cardio your body burns fat during exercise, but after the exercise you body will use carbohydrates to replace that fat in order to be ready for the next bout of exercise.

This means you only burn fat during exercise. When you do sprint training you burn carbohydrates during exercise and fat afterwards. This means you become more of a fat burner throughout the day. Examine some of the research, in the science section of this website also you can read the “Hormonal Weight Loss” article in the downloads section

I thought I had to do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes to an hour to have a healthy heart and lungs?

Another great question.

Again, mainstream is not up to date on the research. Intensity, not duration, affects the body’s adaptation to exercise. So it’s not how long you do it, it is how hard you do it, quality over quantity.

One study found as long as the intensity is sufficient you can double your cardiovascular condition in just 8 minutes a week of sprint training. Coming back to hormones again, stress hormones will cause the body to become more inflammatory leading to increased risk for chronic disease including heart disease.

What scientists have found is sprint training produces an anti-inflammatory affect on the body. This means it can reduce the chance of heart disease much more than the long traditional cardio. They also found that it is even safe for post heart bypass patients to do sprint training. For more in depth look at this please read the “Exercise is Medicine” article in the downloads section. 


Why does the X-iser seem to have a smaller step height (range of motion) compared to most other
steppers and climbers?

The pedals on The X-iser Machine have a step height of eight inches, which equates to a varied range of motion at the knee joint depending upon height, body form and foot position on the machine.

Although the range of motion has been biomechanically optimized, many individuals mistakenly compare the range of motion to other stepping-type machines that have a larger range of motion, assuming that a larger range of motion is better. Essentially, using a larger range of motion than The X-iser Machine is unnecessary and increases the risk of injury.

I don’t have very good balance; do you have a handrail or something to hold onto while stepping
on The X-iser Machine?

One of the great benefits of the X-iser Machine is its ability to challenge balance and thus improve it.

This is an extremely important component of health, given that falling down is the number one cause of death in the elderly. If you don't have much balance in the first place, then support is important in the early stages of using the machine.

It is important to realize, however, that you do not need a handrail or support bars to use The X-iser Machine. Simply place the machine next to a wall or countertop, which will provide fingertip support. This is sufficient to provide support but still allow balance improvement.

You will progress from constant touching of the support to intermittent touching to not needing support. This sequence can progress in a surprisingly short period of time – in some cases as little as a day or two.




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