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The X-iser® Machine was engineered to ensure correct hip and knee alignment, providing an optimal, impact-free work-out that builds balance and strength unlike any other piece of equipment.

The “hands-free” design promotes the development of stabilizer muscles and correct posture, which; in turn, improves balance. The nature of the hydraulics on the machine allows for a technique that produces a “static equilibrium”, high-frequency stepping action. Much like sprinting up stadium stairs; but in the comfort of your home, office or during a session with your Personal Trainer.

What makes this technique unique, is that in order to prevent the body’s center of mass from moving up and down (as we normally see with all other stepping activities), both legs have to work equally, against each other, on both the up and down strokes of the stepping action.

 This “no recovery” protocol leads to tremendous improvements in muscular strength and endurance, while the rapid left to right stepping enhances neuromuscular development that translates to huge gains in performance.

In addition, the cardiovascular demand of this intense exercise significantly challenges both the aerobic AND anaerobic metabolic systems, improving overall conditioning far more than traditional “cardio”

 Let Us Compensate You

Just as you are compensated for your knowledge of how to improve your clients health and fitness, you should get the same from the equipment you recommend.

That’s why, here at X-iser, we want to give you a “thank you” for recommending our machine to improve your clients’ strength, balance and cardiovascular system.

We offer a £45 commission for every machine that is purchased by your clients using an easy, on-line affiliate program that requires you to do nothing more than suggest the machine to your clients.

 The X-iser® Partner Programme

Benefits to the Healthcare/Fitness Professional
  • Comprehensive objective approach to cardiovascular exercise
  • Promotes optimal hormonal and metabolic responses
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Differentiation from other professionals
  • Highest quality equipment available
  • No inventory or fulfillment cost, we drop ship the units to the client/patient
  • Increase profit
Benefits to the Client/Patient
  • Provides time effective "science-based" approach to cardiovascular exercise
  • Cost-effective way to implement exercise anywhere
  • Increase confidence, compliance and results!

How to join the X-iser® Machine partner programme 

You must be a Licensed or Certified Fitness/Healthcare professional.

Complete online application and create your account 

Once you are approved, you will be able to login to your Partner Programme account page to check your commissions, update your personal profile and download web banners. You will also have access to all procedure, education and marketing materials that we have made available to you.

Promote the X-iser® by introducing it to clients/patients in your practice or by either giving people your distributor link or directing people through your web links to our online store. (If you have a website, blog, or facebook page, you can post your embedded web link on your home page or other featured section).

If you make offline recommendations then simply email us the name of the person you have recommended X-iser to and once your client purchases X-iser we will manually add your commission to your account.


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" Xiser is a portable ergonomically correct sprint trainer. This unit can be kept at home or at the office for quick burst workouts that effectively mimic sprint training. It's perfect for the fat-loss lifestyle "

Jade Teta ND, CSCS
Keoni Teta ND, LAc, CSCS

Authors of The New Metabolic Effect Diet



 “World’s best stair climber!”

Paul Chek, CHEK Institute


" I use burst training with every client I have. It is not an option! Everyone gets on the
X-iser day one to experience what a real burst feels like!
The X-iser is an essential part of my celebrity business - Nutrition on Location - and the foundation of my personal training
routine as well! "

J.J. Virgin CNS, CHFI, Ph.D.

Nutrition and Fitness
Expert for:

ABC's Extreme Makeover
Dr. Phil Ultimate
Weight Loss Challenge
Nutrition on Location - Celebrity Fitness Consulting